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Fore Paw Tutorial WIP by AirRaiser Fore Paw Tutorial WIP by AirRaiser
I'm really bad at tutorials, I can never show my work well, and it's easier if I just SHOW someone as I'm drawing so I can answer questions and just talk. But because I haven't set up my room for computer anything I can't stream me sketching.

So getting back to the image! I'm not the greatest at following tutorials sometimes, half the time someone does like 3 lines then TADAAA ITS FULLY FINISHED AND AMAZING! Art classes show you the basics but never really show you what to do with them. This is where I can try to help.

I'm trying to make these as simple as possible, this is also just a WIP. I'm looking for any input, keep in mind this is just how I DRAW, I'm not looking for critique! Please do not reline this or tell me what's wrong with how I draw!

I'd like to hear from people on how easy is this to follow and use? are you understanding it? Do you want text on anything? Etc...

So yeah, I have a few more in the works but I figured I'd post this one see how people respond.
MyFantasyZone Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Great! ^^
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